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PtS is a specialist publishing house that provides high quality, well researched information and editorial on a wide range of topics delivered primarily over the internet.

We have found that much of the information on the Internet is wrong, carries far too many adverts, is unclear and incomplete. We are trying, in our own way, to solve these problems by creating a range of high-quality book-like websites which provide clear expert-based information on a wide range of human interest topics. What's more we have no direct advertising and therefore no editorial bias.

We create all of our content painstakingly by researching up-to-date information using an in-house team of editors who work with a wide range of highly qualified UK based subject matter experts.

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Alcohol & Drinks...
If you like drinking, brewing, buying or cooking with beer then our extensive information will make you a Beer Expert.
If you like drinking, brewing, buying or cooking with wine then our extensive information will make you a wine expert.
Whether you're looking to create your own cocktails or simply make a Pina Colada, we tell you all you need to know.
Careers: Development & Training...
A career break or sabbatical is a great life experience. Check out our expert advice on schooling, family, visas, finances and activities to make the most of your leave.
Many of us get stuck in a career that doesn't suit us or harbour an ambition to work in an alternative field. You CAN make that career move and we show you how.
Here you'll find great advice on careers in retail: the personal qualities you may need; the benefits; the downsides; the rewards and tips on how to progress up the retail career ladder.
Here you'll find great advice on careers in finance; the qualities or qualifications you need, the benefits you can expect and tips on how to get on in finance.
This site is for you if you work freelance or want to become a freelancer. You'll find advice on the types of freelance roles, how to deal with clients, find work, sell yourself and seek support from other freelancers.
Here you'll find great advice on careers in health; the qualities & qualifications you need, the benefits, rewards and tips on how to get on in the health sector.
If you've had a period of absence from work for whatever reason then you'll find advice on getting back to work, finding new work or settling in to a new job here.
Here you'll find great advice on careers in psychology; the qualities and qualifications you need, the types of career that use psychology and developing your career as a psychologist.
If you want to know how to get involved in helping out in your community; or find out about the rules and regulations associated with community helpers - then check out this site.
Working abroad can be a great life experience; here you'll find information on practicalities such as money, language, culture and the law.
We offer comprehensive advice on creating a great CV and following with a winning interview performance.
Expert advice on planning, organising, hosting and running a conference or meeting. Includes information on agenda setting, communication, technology, finding a venue, conference gifts, publicity and much more.
Extensive information on improving leadership skills, spotting & developing leadership in children, analysis of the traits of good leaders and an examination of leadership in the workplace, politics and history.
Comprehensive advice on management training including: fast tracking your management career; management skills; people management; team management; project management and performance reviews
Whether you work in sales and marketing management or hope to become involved you find a wealth of advice here, including: career progression hints, job development advice and how to handle employers.
Extensive information for counsellors and anyone interested in counselling as a career or voluntary work.
Extensive information to help you improve your management skills, gain promotion and improve your career prospects.
Extensive information to help you understand the sales process, improve your sales skills and achieve targets.
Great advice on how to communicate with colleagues or employees including: how to delegate; chair a meeting; make a presentation; avoid conflict; ask for a rise and use communication technology.
How you behave at work influences your happiness and your employment aspirations. We give expert information on the correct etiquette for the workplace.
Working with children is both demanding and rewarding. We examine potential child-focused roles, the legal requirements and the qualifications you need to work with children.
Careers: Getting a Job...
This site contains expert advice on everything to do with your first job to help you: find a job; manage your time and finances; handle office politics; find accommodation; progress in your career and much more.
Apprenticeships are again becoming popular and this site offers expert advice for both employer and apprentices
Voluntary work can be rewarding at any age and in any place. This site gives expert advice on how to get involved with volunteering.
Consumer and Legal: Contracts & Agreements...
This site explains how to get the best out of loyalty and rewards schemes, how loyalty scheme providers benefit and the precautions to take when joining.
If you want to make claim in the small claims court and are unsure of the process, we tell you what you need to know about the small claims procedure.
We show you how to get entry to an exclusive club, a free upgrade on a plane, a discount price on an outfit - in fact, how to get the best deal in any situation.
Contracts and formal or informal agreements are part of daily life yet they still catch us out or confuse us. Our site clarifies the topic for you.
Going to court for any reason can be a bit daunting. Take a look at this advice and you'll know exactly what to expect.
Buying and selling at auction can be perilous. From buying houses to gifts, we tell you everything you need to know to buy safely at auction.
This site advises how to select the right person, draw up an agreement and sort out finances when hiring help in and around the home.
Discussing the best ways to ensure we leave our dependents or family in a stable financial position following our death.
This site explains all those unexpected clauses we don't always notice in documents, when purchasing, renting, borrowing or joining.
There's a letter for every occasion, formal and informal. We show you how to write them all, from a reference to an apology.
As a landlord of a single flat or a large property portfolio, you'll find expert information here. This site covers all aspects of letting, maintenance, contracts, safety, finances, legislation and how to manage your tenants.
Everyone needs a will, but writing one can be difficult. We give you all the practical information you need to create your will.
This site contains a wealth of comprehensive advice on how to claim a refund in almost any situation, whether for goods, services, overcharges, unfair charges or through the courts.
Consumer and Legal: Human Rights & Citizenship...
Comprehensive and easily absorbed information on your human rights, the Human Rights Act and privacy & protection issues in the UK and Abroad.
Whether you're interested in coming to the UK to work or live - or simply want to know about the impact of immigration in the UK, you'll find a wealth of information and advice here.
The Civil Rights Movement began in America but led to improvements in civil rights almost everywhere. Here you'll find detailed information on your rights as a UK citizen.
All the information you need to make your community or neighbourhood a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable place to live.
Thinking of moving abroad? We make sure you have all the information you need for your new life overseas, before you leave.
The extent to which we can be held responsible for our children's behaviour can be a murky area. This site explains the law and your rights.
Poor parenting? Lack of community spirit? Anti-social behaviour? This site discusses your rights and how to encourage responsible citizenship.
Consumer and Legal: Rights, Frauds & Scams...
Your personal details can be used by criminals to undertake fraudulent activities. We investigate how you can protect yourself against identity theft.
Whether it's protecting yourself against invalid lawsuits or making a genuine claim, we discuss the issues of today's compensation culture.
Complaining can get you labelled as a trouble maker, but there is an art to complaining that is sure to get you what you want. We reveal all on this site.
As a consumer you have many rights in virtually every situation. We explain what those rights are and how to use them.
In the ever growing world of internet shopping, we explain how to stay safe and understand your rights when buying and selling online.
Neighbours staying up all night? Barking dogs? Inappropriate language in front of your children? We discuss your rights and the action you can take.
How far can we go to protect our homes or loved ones while staying within the law? You will find plenty of advice and information here.
Every day, thousands of people are scammed. We give you the lowdown, to keep you and your money together.
Everyone likes to pick up a bargain, but how do we know if a product is genuine? You'll find out how to spot a counterfeit here.
Finding a reliable tradesperson is often the hardest part of getting a job done. We discuss typical rogue practices and show you how to find a good tradesman.
In a world where almost anything you do can be traced and used for inappropriate means, we explain how to protect your privacy.
Education: Schools & Learning...
If you or someone you care for has a learning difficulty or learning disability, you'll find extensive information and advice on this site.
Extensive information on home schooling including: UK regulations; ideas for lessons and planning; helping a child achieve the right qualifications and the social implications of home schooling.
This site explains all you need to know about the types of private education available, the differences between private and state education, the selection processes, the impact on further education and more.
Read about ways to keep your mind active and how to help your children learn & concentrate on this comprehensive website.
On this site you'll find expert advice and information on how babies, pre-schoolers and young school children learn - and how you can help them to develop their mental, physical and emotional skills.
A site packed with examples of letters to write for any situation involving your child and school including: bullying, religion, school entrance, after school activities, exclusion, special needs, academic progress and exams.
If your child missed something in class, needs information for homework or is revising for exams we can help.
A site packed with expert advice on learning a new skill as an adult - whether it's for work, home or play.
Trying to fund your way through university? A parent planning your child's schooling or further education? You'll find a wealth of information here.
Simply getting your child into the school of your choice can be a minefield. We offer helpful tips and advice on how to gain that school place.
This site is packed with help and ideas to get you through all your homework and revision worries, plus great advice for parents who want to help.
Finance: Debt & Money Management...
Bankruptcy can be a solution to severe debt problems but should be not entered into lightly. This site gives clear information on handling bankruptcy.
Lots of handy tips on managing your daily budget to cover household bills, family spending, holidays and savings.
If you're bogged down with debts or need help managing your money, you'll find lots of advice here to help become debt free.
It's easy to incur extra charges (without realising) when making financial transactions. We explain where you'll find them and how to avoid them.
This site examines the processes involved in housing repossessions, how you can protect your home from repossession and what to do if you are evicted.
If you've borrowed or want to borrow money via a mortgage, personal loan, overdraft or other loan facility, then check out this expert advice.
There are heaps of ways you can save money and be green at the same time, simply by making your own. We've got plenty of ideas for you to try.
This site is packed with tip and advice on how to save on your motoring costs, whether you're driving, selling, buying, servicing or fuelling up.
Your credit rating has a big impact on your borrowing and buying power. This site offers advice on how to build and protect a good credit rating.
When you are in serious debt, there are alternatives to declaring bankruptcy. This site explains all about the IVA or Individual Voluntary Agreement.
Finance: Family...
A site packed with downsizing advice - whether to release some disposable income, enable you to spend more time with your family, or now your kids have left home.
If you care for an elderly relative, are unable to look after yourself, or you support a disabled relative, this site explains the financial options open to you.
Here you'll find lots of original ideas and information on organising and holding fund raising events.
Finance: Home...
This site helps you to make sense of the different mortgage types, mortgage fees, mortgage penalties you can incur and more...
Discussing the housing schemes and initiatives to help you cope with high house prices and get on the property ladder without breaking the bank.
A wealth of practical advice and information if you're hoping to invest in property for your future security or as a money making exercise.
You'll be surprised at how many grants are available for all manner of projects and situations. We discuss grants and how you can apply for one.
Ever struggled to claim on an insurance policy or bought insurance you didn't really need? We explain how to get the most out of your insurance.
If you're thinking of buying a property abroad we explain how to deal with finances, tradesmen, cultural differences and more...
Charges for utility services and facilities vary depending on where we live, who provides them and how we pay. This site examines how to get the best deal.
Finance: Personal...
Here you'll find straightforward explanations and advice on bank accounts, online banking, saving and borrowing.
Do we really understand how credit cards work, how to use them to our advantage and avoid debt? Here, it's all made clear for you.
If you're looking for a more eco-friendly way of life, you may find that financing it is easier than you think. We discuss the grants and funding available.
If you want to ensure that you or person(s) chosen by you, benefit effectively from your money, property or other assets, then check out the advice on this site.
Everyone could do with some extra cash - here we discuss ideas and ways to safely boost your income.
This site is packed with comprehensive advice and tips for saving money whether you're on a tight budget or your conscience tells you to be spending less.
You work hard for your money, and we help you make the most of it, with advice on everything from savings to investing.
Whether it's savings, investments, insurance or pensions, this site explains money matters in a clear and easy to understand manner.
Everyone is involved in raising funds at some time; this site gives clear information about the regulations, the pitfalls and offers some great fundraising ideas.
Whether it's council tax, income tax or stamp duty, we all pay tax. TheTaxGuide offers advice, guidance and tips to help you deal with your tax affairs.
Bank accounts, shares, savings plans, house moves, even lottery tickets. You could have unclaimed money anywhere. With our information you might just find it.
Finance: Retirement...
It's never too early to prepare for retirement. This site explores the ways you can prepare for funding and enjoying your life once you stop working.
When it comes to retiring, your home and where you settle is one of your biggest concerns. Here we discuss all the available options.
Food: Cooking and Baking...
Here you'll find the history of Asian food together with useful information on how to cook popular Indian, Chinese and Thai dishes.
Whatever you want to know about baking we have it covered. We also have a range of online tools and iPhone/Android apps for bakers. Take a look at The CakeUlator, The CakeOmeter, our videos and superb recipes!
Chocolate is enjoyed all over the world. We discuss its history, how it's made and offer lots of exciting ways to enjoy chocolate.
Whether you're thinking of setting up a cookery group or want more information on holding a cookery event in your home, this is the site for you.
Comprehensive advice on what to keep in your kitchen, the building blocks to creating recipes from almost anything, essential equipment and cooking science - all in one site.
Cheese is one of the world's great foods. We tell you about its many varieties around the globe and how it's made.
You can never go wrong with Italian food. We show you how to serve your family, or your guests, the perfect Italian meal.
Fancy turning the kitchen into a fun, creative, learning experience? We offer great recipes, activities and safety advice for kids and parents.
Here you'll find lots of advice and original ideas for kid's birthday cakes whatever their age.
Want to know what to cook for dinner tonight? What to keep in your store cupboard? How to bake a perfect pie? Create a great dinner party or just a simple sauce? You'll find out here.
Food: Nutrition...
Some E Numbers are better avoided; others are just E names for natural substances. We help you distinguish the good from the bad.
We explore where you can find the best naturally occurring vitamins and which ones are good for which bits of you!
This site looks at fast food, why it's popular, how our busy lifestyles necessitate quick meals, how advertising affects fast food trends and offers some great, healthy, fast food alternatives
A simple way of getting the right balance of food, the food pyramid is used by food and health organisations everywhere. It's now often used to teach school children how to eat a healthy balanced range of food. We explain all about it here.
Eat well and reduce your carbon footprint by growing fruit. We explain how to plant, grow and harvest your own.
Here you'll find comprehensive information and logical discussion on the topic of genetically modified (or GM) foods.
Good childhood nutrition can instil lifelong eating habits that help children grow to their full potential and lead healthy lives. We offer help and advice for parents.
If you eat meat and want to know that the produce you eat led a healthy and happy life, then check out this site.
Slimming by crash dieting or using extreme techniques brings problems. We explore how to lose weight safely.
This site is packed with advice on ways you can safely grow, cook, store and freeze your food to save money and the environment.
Food: Recipes...
Whether you want to prepare a quick and nutritious meal, plan family meals in advance or impress dinner guests without too much effort, then this site is for you.
Tips on herb gardening, how to cook with herbs and some great recipes for you to try.
Low calorie cooking doesn't have to be boring or dull. There are plenty of low calories options for tasty and filling food. You'll find a whole site full of information and recipes here.
It's good for the environment to cook food that's in season and that you can perhaps source locally. This site combines information on what's in season with some great recipe ideas for every occasion.
If you want to reduce your refined sugar intake you'll find this site packed with suggestions for alternatives to sugar and lots of tasty sugar free recipes to try.
Garden & Gardening...
We have great advice on choosing and constructing your outdoor building - whether it's a shed, summerhouse, garden office, or alternative that you need.
Everything you need to know to grow and maintain a healthy, great looking lawn
Think you might have pests in or around your house? We help you identify and eliminate them all, from cockroaches to wasps.
Whether you're a gardening expert or a novice, we cover all aspects of pond construction, maintenance and wildlife.
Gardening is great exercise, and we all love looking out at plants and flowers. We help you do it safely.
This site introduces your child to the wonders of nature through gardening. With a range of scents and colours, your kids can create a place of discovery.
Grow your own vegetables to save money, eat well and reduce your carbon footprint. We tell you how to plant, grow, harvest, store and cook them.
Watching garden wildlife is such a treat. This site offers information and ideas to help you encourage wildlife into your garden.
Health: Addictions & Allergies...
Alcohol plays a large part in our society. We discuss alcohol abuse, alcohol policy and how you can get treatment for an alcohol problem.
If you think you have an addiction, whether it's to drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping or anything, this site covers everything from recognition to treatment.
Comprehensive advice for living a gluten free life including: dietary tips, lifestyle guidance, diagnosing a gluten allergy, improving your health and how to get by socially with gluten intolerance.
We explore practical steps to avoid hayfever and remedies that might help to ease you through the season.
Allergies can cause a plethora of symptoms, and should all be taken seriously. Here our experts discuss the possible causes and treatment of allergies in children.
Health: Alternative Treatments...
Hair loss is traumatic for anyone and our experts discuss the possible causes and treatment of hair loss in a clear, straightforward manner.
If you're thinking about detoxing or embarking on a detoxification plan you'll find lots of useful information and advice here including health, home and alternative detoxes.
Worried about bad breath or smelly feet? Concerned about embarrassing problems? Then rest assured, we'll have it covered on this site.
Hypnosis can be tremendously powerful and we provide a great starting point to help you find out more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
Meditation can help you through the stresses of modern life. We introduce you to the different meditation traditions, forms and techniques
It's not always easy to relax with the pressures of the modern world. We give you tips to help you centre yourself again.
Alternative medicine is now a well established treatment. We give guidance on everything from herbs to acupuncture.
Extensive advice on the safety and efficacy of health supplements, dietary and weight loss supplements, vitamins pills, body building supplements and more.
Tips and advice to all carers on getting help, everyday practicalities, accommodation, health issues, money matters and bereavement.
This site explores the growing issue of stress and its effect on daily life. We'll include tips and advice on how to cope with stress and wind down.
Health: Medical Disorders...
Due to have a hospital operation? Recently been through surgery? Then you'll have lots of questions - you'll find the answers here.
Here you'll find extensive information on ADHD, how to spot the symptoms, the treatments and remedies available, plus advice on the lifestyle changes you might need to make.
Back pain can be debilitating and hard to live with. We discuss the causes, the possible remedies and how to alleviate back pain.
All the information and advice you will need on breast health, cosmetic breast surgery, breastfeeding, choosing the right bra and making the best of your shape.
This site looks at the causes, symptoms and treatments of a range of heart conditions, together with tips on how to keep your heart healthy.
A site packed with useful information about common ear problems, treatments and how to keep your ears healthy.
Extensive information on the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating.
Ever had a problem or illness that you were just too embarrassed to talk about? You'll find the answers here.
Whatever your eye colour or condition, you'll find useful advice on eye care, glasses, lenses and treatments here.
Many health issues are experienced only by women. From adolescence to retirement we discuss the female health concerns you might have.
Acute joint pain, chronic fatigue and depression are just a few symptoms of fibromyalgia. This site explains all about this little understood syndrome.
This site includes useful information about common foot problems, treatments and how to keep your feet in the best possible condition.
If you suffer from insomnia, sleeping problems or a sleep disorder there are techniques and treatments to help you; we discuss them all on this site.
Here you'll find comprehensive information and advice on OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The symptoms, potential causes and alternative treatments are discussed in detail.
Feeling depressed or low? We discuss the treatments and how you can live with and overcome depression
A great resource if you want to know how private healthcare works: treatments, waiting time, costs, exclusions, aftercare and association with the NHS.
Teeth are with us for life. Our site explains what you need to know about dentistry and tells you what to expect from your dentist.
Acne, eczema, or even just sunburn? Whatever the problem, we give you tips to help keep your skin healthy.
This site explores the numerous types of speech disorders and the techniques used by speech therapists to help cure them.
Finding out that you or someone you love dearly has a terminal illness can be heartbreaking. Here we give you advice and guidance to help you through.
Here you'll find lots of information on the throat, what causes throat infections, the symptoms of throat problems and the potential treatments available.
We explore the numerous treatment options available abroad and look at the pros and cons of travelling abroad for medical treatment.
At one time or another everyone suffers from stomach or abdominal pains. We discuss the possible causes, the symptoms, treatments and pain relief.
Health: Medicines & Drugs...
Trying to deal with the death of a loved one can seem impossible. Here we give you guidance and advice on how to get through it and look to the future.
If you're taking medication for anything from high blood pressure to mental health problems, you may be concerned about their reaction with foods and other drugs. Here we explain some common interactions.
If you suffer from headaches our guide explains why they happen and describes some techniques and medications to relieve them.
This site answers all your questions about the menopause, whether you're experiencing it or living with someone who is, including: the stages; the emotional & sexual issues; the treatments and therapies.
It's always a good idea to be prepared for minor illness by having the right things in your medicine cabinet. This site examines their safety and effectiveness.
We often hear of food, supplements or drugs that will improve performance in some way. This site gives clear information on the topic.
Holiday & Travel...
Comprehensive advice on travelling for business in the UK and abroad including, money saving & best deal tips, technology, health advice and communication.
Extensive camping information on tents, equipment, cooking and activities to help the experienced or novice camper.
Whether you're off on holiday, on a day trip, or looking for an everyday means of travel or transport, you'll find lots of advice here on how you can get about easily as a disabled user.
Everywhere we travel we leave a carbon footprint. Our advice will help you ensure it's as small and ethical as possible.
Fear of flying is a common psychological problem among travellers. We help you understand and deal with this condition.
Great advice for women who want to travel in safety either alone or accompanied.
Money plays a big part in travel, wherever you're going to. Whether you're planning, booking or actually holidaying you'll get great advice on this site.
Make your gap year one to remember with our information on where to stay, what to do and what to take with you.
When travelling on business or holiday ensure you stay safe by following our travel safety tips and advice. We also cover airport security and travel regulations throughout the world.
Behaviour and customs vary greatly from country to country. We discuss the correct travel etiquette so that you won't be caught out.
Whether it's a business trip, a gap year or a holiday alone, here you'll find all you need on dealing with finances, planning and safety when travelling alone.
Extensive advice and information on travelling in the winter or in cold climates including winter sports, cold weather gear, equipment, short breaks and winter travel package consumer rights.
Expert advice on your rights when travelling in the UK and abroad. Whether you're holidaying, touring, or on business, there's a lot you should know.
Home: Improvements...
A site packed with cleaning tips: indoors; outdoors; personal cleanliness; cleaning equipment; stain removal and much more...
Ever needed to do a job around the house but weren't sure how to approach it? From hanging a door to unblocking a drain, we show you how.
Lots of impartial advice on choosing a driveway or patio; whether you want something that's long lasting, non slip, good to look at, or cost effective.
Planning, designing and finding the right builder for your home extension is not without its troubles; our site gives all the advice you need for a hassle free build.
This site is packed with comprehensive advice on planning, designing, installing and choosing materials for your kitchen or bathroom.
What's the best way to landscape your outdoor space? Be it a patio, soft landscaping or outdoor building, you will find a wealth of information here.
If you need (or just want) extra space or an additional room, you could find your loft or basement or cellar can provide just what you need. We explain the regulations, what to watch out for and offer some great tips.
Whether you are a property developer or simply renovating your home, we offer you help and advice on all aspects of building renovation.
We all want a safe and secure home whether we're in it or away from it. This site has all the impartial advice you'll need on home security.
Who hasn't tried in vain to remove a stain? We give you the tips to get rid of even the most troublesome problems.
Home: Ownership...
Advice on buying, renting and furnishing an apartment, with tips on how to cope with problem neighbours, how to make the best of communal facilities and enjoy a great apartment lifestyle.
An excellent resource if you're interested in short or long term rented accommodation or buy-to-let property.
Mortgages, removals, legalities, estate agents and more - all explained to get you through that exciting (& sometimes stressful) step of owning or renting your first home.
If you're thinking of buying a second home we explain how to deal with finances, getting a second home mortgage, removals and tradesmen, the law and more...
Conveyancing is often left to a solicitor - but you can do it yourself and save money in the process. This site discusses the pros and cons.
Home Information Packs are now compulsory under UK laws. Here you'll find the basics explained - whether you're buying or selling a home.
Buying at auction can get you a house at a bargain price, but there's a lot you'll need to know before going ahead. We've got it all covered on this site.
If you've ever thought about living on a boat as a viable alternative to bricks and mortar, then check out this site for all the information you'll need.
Planning what to take, where to live, telling the family, settling in, finding a job, speaking the language - moving to France will be easy once you've read this site.
Moving Home? Tips and advice on planning your move, packing and storage tips, financial and legal advice and much more...
More accidents happen in the home than anywhere else? We give you advice to make your home safe for your family.
Sharing a home or property has become popular for legal, financial and social reasons. If you're thinking of sharing, then browse through this extensive site.
Home: Style & Design...
A site packed with advice on working in property; the qualities & qualifications you'll need, the rewards, drawbacks and useful career progression tips.
Expert advice on finding a good builder, project managing a selfbuild and more - to help you build your own home.
Impartial, expert advice on all types of flooring including hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl, tiling and stone. We explain which floor type will work best for you in which location and how to care for it.
Whether you are a gardener looking to extend your growing season; or a greenhouse owner with questions - we offer great help and advice.
A site packed with information to help you get your home looking exactly how you want it, including advice on colours, materials, restoration, storage, furnishings, furniture and more.
You want to make the best of your house. We show you how to do it, with tips to help you from attic to garden.
Christmas is a magical time of year for both adults and children. Our advice will help you enjoy every moment of it.
Great ideas and advice to help you make your home stress free. With advice on handling arguments, keeping tidy, managing your finances, staying calm, managing DIY and coping with decorating.
Learning Languages...
Whether you're learning English as a second language or helping your children learn English, you'll find expert advice here on: pronunciation, grammar, punctuation and how to communicate in English.
Here you'll find expert advice on: Spanish pronunciation, grammar and punctuation; the origins of Spanish as a language and how to communicate in Spanish.
Find out more about learning a new language or improving existing skills on this valuable site.
SignedLanguage gives you all the basic signs for everyday life, topics and questions as well as other forms of communication for and with deaf people.
Motoring & Transport...
All you need to know about driving in a foreign country, from finance, to safety, to leisure.
If you've ever failed to park in a tight spot, lost control of your vehicle in a skid, or struggled to use the many motoring gadgets available, then this site is for you.
Everyone gets a parking or speeding ticket from time to time. This site explains what to do if you get a ticket and how to get away with it.
The road is a dangerous place, but we give you the tips you need to make your car and your journeys safer and more enjoyable.
This site is an excellent resource for those with a passion for restoring, running or learning about vintage cars.
Impartial advice on your rights if you're involved in a traffic incident, together with expert information on how to deal with and avoid road traffic accidents.
If you've ever wondered about the meaning of certain traffic signs, the penalties for breaching signs or what exactly you are supposed to do where you see certain signs or marking, then check out this site.
We advise you what to look for, where to look and how to avoid being cheated when buying a used car, whether from an auction, a dealer or a private sale.
Obtaining and keeping your driving licence is vital for all fields of work and life. You'll discover stacks of useful driving licence information here.
This site examines the consumer demand for locally produced food and products, and offers practical ways we can support British producers.
There is a growing demand for organic goods and produce. This site offers advice and information to help you to go organic.
Parenting: Baby & Pregnancy...
Essential information for use during pregnancy, during child birth and after baby's birth to keep you and your baby healthy and happy.
Looking to conceive? Think you might be infertile? We give you the information and tips you need to help you towards parenthood.
Parenting: Early Years...
Everyone wants the best childcare for their little ones. This site has all you need to know about finding, hiring or being a British nanny.
Traditionally mum stayed at home when a little one came along, but now it's frequently dad who chooses this path. We offer lots of advice for stay-at-home dads
Everyone wants the best for their kids. We give you advice and tips to help your children grow up happy and healthy.
This site offers informed discussion on the ethics of advertising to children, the use of children in advertisements and the history of children and advertising.
This site explores how kids learn to read and the different methods involved. It also provides tips and advice on how you can help your child to learn to read.
Kid's misbehaviour is a common concern for parents. Our site offers help and advice on managing and coping with children.
Development varies from child to child. We discuss the science of children's thinking and learning and the ways we can help.
Here you'll find expert information on different styles of parenting: how to adapt parenting to suit your personality, advice on parenting in specific situations and how to find help & support with behavioural problems.
Keeping your kids safe is so important! Whether you're a parent or a childcare professional, our child safety advice will help you.
Here you'll find great advice on how to choose suitable toys for different ages and abilities, recognise a safe toy, understand toy labels and keep toys in good working order.
Parenting: Teens...
As a step parent you'll know that not everything is a straightforward parenting issue. Here you'll find advice on discipline, emotions, finances, gaining trust, handling other family members and much more.
The teen years are a tough time for both parents and teenagers themselves. We offer expert advice on how to cope as a parent and have a happy teenager.
Personal Development...
Here you'll find expert information on anger management. Includes: identifying the risk factors; methods of controlling anger; anger therapies; the different types of anger and how anger manifests itself.
If you've ever been frustrated trying to get through to a business, using communication technology or getting your point across with confidence, then this is the site for you.
Expert tips and advice on how to manage your time effectively to avoid stress and improve your work or home life.
Expert advice and techniques for getting and staying motivated whether at work, home or play.
It's a topic we're all concerned about at some stage in our lives. We offer great advice, so you can take action and stay safe.
It's not easy to speak in public or prepare speeches for special occasions. We give you tips to help you overcome your fears and become an excellent public speaker.
Pets & Petcare...
Cosmetics, medicines, clothes, furniture...we discuss the availability, ethics and properties of products created with animal welfare in mind.
If you want an animal based career or to do voluntary work with animals, then here you'll find lots of advice on animal care & health, animal training and the qualifications you may need.
Dogs can be great fun, when taught how to behave properly. We show you the right way to train and care for your pet.
Pedigree dogs are far more than family pets. We tell you how to choose, train, care for and show your dog.
Whether you have reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians or unusual aquarium pets, you'll find a wealth of useful information and guidance here.
Do your kids want a dog or a cat? There's a lot of responsibility involved, and we tell you all about the practicalities.
There's a lot more to pet travel than popping Rex in the boot of the car or onto a plane. This site offers all the advice you'll need to take your pet anywhere.
We help you with information on buying, owning and caring for a reptile as a pet, while keeping yourself safe too.
We help you choose a pet wisely and care for it properly so that your pet, your children and yourself all stay safe.
This site is packed with expert information on the various ways you can getting involved in saving pet animals.
Comprehensive information on tropical fish species, intended to assist both beginners and experienced owners care for their fish.
Recreation: Art, Craft & Sewing...
A great starting point to help you find out more about works of art, famous artists and how to invest in art.
A site packed with ideas for crafts, art projects and details of the essential equipment you'll need to keep kids of all ages busy and creative.
Explaining the different styles of painting and drawing with tips to help you find your inner budding artist!
We guide you through all manner of arts and crafts to help you find your creative streak.
Whether it's creating a dress, making curtains or a simple repair our videos and easy to follow instructions make it easy!
Recreation: Games & Hobbies...
A resource for all those interested in joining or setting up a Drama Group or Society, including information on acting and theatre jobs.
This site explores dreams and dream analysis and looks at how you can use the meaning of dreams in your daily life.
Information on all aspects of archaeology - including archaeological facts, myths, famous archaeologists, and sites of archaeological interest.
Everyone can dance! We help you to choose a dance that suits you and explain how to improve progressively in your chosen dance style.
Are you being cheated or just nosey? If so we offer extensive information on conducting your own investigations.
Entertaining can be stressful, whatever the occasion. We show you how to entertain in style and ensure you and your guests have a perfect time.
Astrology is an ancient science. We trace its long history and show you how it can affect love, life and the world.
Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. This site provides extensive information about celestial objects and phenomena that exist outside the Earth's atmosphere.
Ready to trace your family's roots? We tell you how to use the resources available to go back through time.
If you want to write for pleasure or for a living, we guide you through - from that blank page to seeing your work in print.
Angling is great fun both for relaxation and in competitions. We give great tips and advice on all aspects of fishing.
Looking for a gift? Adding decorative touches to your home? Considering a new hobby? Discover all about flowers and flower arranging here.
Whatever you're playing, there is often a method that will help you win. Our site shows you how to win at a variety of games
With interviews, special features and reviews, Chris Nickson's site covers all aspects of roots and world music.
Go Karting is fun for all ages and abilities. We offer great tips and advice to help you get the most out of go karting.
Whether you're a teacher, manager, neighbour, party host, parent or event manager, you'll find a wealth of ideas for games to break the ice and have a fun with here.
This site is for you if you've ever wondered how those magic tricks work or would like to impress your friends with some of your own.
If you're planning a party to celebrate a wedding, birthday or special event, we have everything you need to know.
Sailing and boating are very popular pastimes. We tell you all you need to know, from going on a boating holiday to buying your own boat.
Every one of us has a creative writer inside. We show you how to bring that out, express yourself - and be paid for it.
If you want to experience the exhilaration of flying an aircraft, our site offers extensive information to help you into the skies.
This site is packed with ideas for fun things for children of all ages to get involved with in the holidays. Whether your child is sporty, creative, adventurous or just easily bored, you'll find a suitable activity here.
Being part of a reading club can be fun and great for the brain! We offer advice on how to create and run a good book club.
You may never need them, but survival techniques make fascinating reading. We have information and tips that might help you some day.
Whether on a short stroll through the woods or a five peak challenge, we offer great tips and advice on keeping fit and safe.
Whether it's winning the lottery, or a holiday competition in your weekly mag, this site explains the rules, the scams and winning tips.
Extensive advice and ideas for games suitable for youth groups and adolescent or pre adolescent age groups.
Recreation: Music...
How to avoid ticket and event scams, help with organising your own event and tips for getting the best seats at your chosen event.
Rock memorabilia is big business. We tell you pretty much all need to know about buying, selling and collecting it.
Chris Nickson traces the history of British rock'n'roll, from its beginnings in the 1950s with skiffle, all the way to the modern day.
Interested in music? We explain music genres and instruments, then help you find a teacher so you can learn to play an instrument.
Recreation: Paranormal & Myths...
We discuss those eerie moments when events are predicted and uncanny facts about the deceased are revealed.
The paranormal has fascinated people for millennia. We look at the myths, the facts and the on-going controversies.
Here we look at old myths and legends, investigate their origins and speculate on just how true they really are!
Everyone thinks they've seen one at some stage. We discuss UFO phenomena and unearth the facts and the myths.
Relationships & Dating...
Body language is an important part of communication. We discuss unspoken communication and what it might mean.
Here you'll find comprehensive information on child support including: the laws and your rights as a parent, why child support exists and how it affects the family and children.
Divorce is traumatic and costly. We can help you manage the process, understand settlements, the law, the costs and even show you how to have fun after you're divorced.
Information on how to choose a honeymoon package whatever your budget or interest. Plus advice on enjoying and surviving with your relationship intact.
If you're feeling the need to change or improve your personal or work life you'll find heaps of information here.
Help make your wedding the most memorable occasion of your life with expert advice to ensure it's the perfect day.
When a relationship ends, it's sometimes hard to pick up the pieces and start again. This site gives you lots of advice on how to enjoy life after separation.
In need of some relationship advice and guidance, well at Relationship Expert we can help with all aspects of new, long term and marital relationships.
Dating can be fun at every age. We give tips and advice on how to act, attract and stay safe on a date.
As a dad, being separated from your children is tough. We understand how hard it is and can help in all aspects from emotional to financial to legal.
How should we deal with pushy colleagues, arrogant managers and timid employees? This site offers great advice on what to do in any situation.
Retirement & Over 50's...
Worried about wrinkles, creaking joints, hair or memory loss? We discuss the effectiveness and safety of anti-ageing products, treatments and lifestyle changes.
For some people midlife is a time of doubts and insecurity, while others sail through with ease. We offer expert advice to help you through any midlife crisis.
Whether you're a new grandparent or have several grandchildren, we give you advice on gifts, activities, and the problems.
Mobility becomes an issue for us all as we age, impacting some more than others. Whatever your level, you will find lots of advice on this site.
How many people reach a hundred? What's it like to be that age? Have all centenarians led similar lifestyles? We look at this subject in depth.
We don't support animal testing but acknowledge there are occasions when its role in medical research saves lives. We provide information and logical discussion on the topic of animal welfare
Can we improve intelligence? Can you spot intelligence? What is artificial intelligence & how can we use it? All is revealed here.
A site exploring DNA and its relevance for society today - interestingly explained in layman's terms.
This site discusses the different types of forensic science and the use of forensics in crime scene investigations and pathology.
The use of stem cells in medical treatments and therapies is fascinating. Our site discusses the topic in layman's terms.
The creation of the Internet has led to some great stories. Here you'll find details of: successes & failures; pranks & scams; fake people; major hacking attempts; technological advances; viral marketing stories and more.
This site is packed with great ideas for science projects you can do with your children, from discovering which way is up, right through to identifying liquids, steams and gases
We encounter bacteria everyday, but how much do we really know about good and bad bacteria? This website offers lots of information - written in layman's terms.
Expert, easy to understand information about the different types of energy, energy creation and energy consumption, plus the impact of energy use on our environment.
Small Business: Running a Business...
Extensive advice covering conflict, finances, legislation, business strategy, business structure and how to exploit the advantages of working in or running a family business.
Expert information on understanding the way entrpreneurs work and if you work with one, how you can channel entrepreneurial energy into creating a successful business.
Business networking can put you in touch with the right person to give a great boost to your business. Find out how to network effectively here.
Here you'll find advice and tips for all kinds of business speech: whether you're making a speech to your team, the board or the whole company; presenting to your boss, or pitching to a client.
If you're unsure of how to phrase a business letter you'll find help and a template here. We include letters to: creditors, debtors, clients, employees and customers.
Expert advice on how local businesses can work together to attract & retain customers, tackle social issues and improve the local environment.
Expert advice on setting up and running a day nursery for babies and children, including information on finance, health & safety and bright ideas for keeping kids happy.
Expert advice on starting up and running an online business including website creation, marketing, online payment systems, security and delivery logistics.
Expert advice on starting up and running a restaurant including: attracting customers, sourcing food, creating menus, finding a location, finances and legalities.
Extensive information and advice on selling your product or service abroad. You'll find information on export rules, finding an agent overseas, finance and taxes abroad and more.
If you run a small business or want to start one up, here you will find clear advice and information on everything from finance to premises to promotion.
Small Business: Starting Out...
Expert advice on buying, starting up and running a business franchise including business planning, funding, marketing and making a profit.
A site packed with comprehensive advice on how to fund a business idea, finance a small business or obtain funds for business expansion. We discuss the pros and cons of the many options available.
This site is packed with expert information on business planning and writing a business plan, including: organisational structure, finances, marketing, goals, objectives, staffing, expansion, growth and risk analysis.
A guide to everything you need to know about getting your idea patented, manufactured and into the shops.
Expert advice to help you succeed in gaining new business including: cold calling; using tradeshows and networks; generating new business online; PR & advertising; direct marketing and customer referrals.
Being an aspiring entrepreneur, you'll have plenty of ideas and the energy to go with them. This site gives you all the advice you need to turn that energy and enthusiasm into a successful business.
Expert information on setting up and running a barbers business including, promotion, client loyalty, funding, heath & safety and staff issues.
Expert advice on starting up and running a Bed and Breakfast Business including: attracting B&B guests, sourcing food & furnishings, choosing a location, finances and legalities.
Expert advice on starting up and running a catering business including: finding and keeping customers, sourcing food & equipment, health, safety and finance.
Expert advice on setting up and running a cattery including, finances, equipment, health & safety, marketing and promotion.
Expert advice on setting up and running a collectibles business including: product knowledge, attracting customers, sales methods and the legalities of running the business.
Expert advice on starting up and running a craft business including how to sell and promote your designs, source & store craft materials and grow the business
Expert advice on starting up and running a fashion business including how to promote your designs, source & store fabrics, sell your clothes, choose equipment and more...
Comprehensive advice on setting up and running a gardening business including selecting the right equipment, managing your time, finding clients and making a profit.
Expert advice on starting up and running an art business including building a portfolio, displaying and promoting your artwork, advertising, galleries and more...
Expert information on setting up and running an aupair business including, marketing, finance, law, visa details and tips for keeping an aupair happy.
Extensive advice on setting up and running an electrical company including running a shop, doing callouts, finding customers, repairs, services and selling.
Extensive advice on setting up and running an events company including, day to day operation, attracting and keeping good clients and growing your business.
Expert advice on setting up and running a photography business including publishing and promoting your work, finding clients, managing finances and developing your skills.
Expert advice on setting up and running a recruitment agency including, finance, promotion, HR issues, day to day operation and growing the business.
Expert advice on setting up and running a writing business including publishing and promoting your work, managing finances and developing your writing skills.
Sports & Fitness...
All the information you need about the Olympics, including games rules, olympic personalities, olympic history and the olympic judging procedures.
Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or are looking for an eco-friendly mode of transport, we help you along the way with information and tips.
England is the home of football, and its heritage is legendary. We cover almost everything about its glory and history.
Wherever you live and whatever the ages of your family, you can get fit and healthy by adapting your lifestyle. This site offers lots of advice and fun ideas for improving your family's fitness.
Maybe you want to ride for fun, or even in competition. We show you everything you need to learn to ride.
Keeping your kids active and fit can be hard work! Here you'll find tips and advice to keep them on the go as well as exercise and nutrition ideas!
Whether golf is your sport or obsession, we offer tips and advice to help you understand golf and improve your game.
From climbing, hiking, mountain biking to paragliding, we guide you through the activities you can do on rock.
You might be boarding, skiing, or simply sledging. Whatever you want to do in the snow, we tell you all you need.
Whether racket games are your hobby or you are just getting started, we offer tips and advice to help you understand racket sports and improve your game.
Whether you're a seasoned runner or you want to take up the sport, we help you along the way with information and tips.
This site explores the range of activities that you can enjoy in the countryside. We discuss how to take part in these activities safely whilst having fun.
Whatever your sport, it has its dangers. We give you advice to make sure you enjoy yourself - and stay safe and healthy.
This site gives you tips and advice on how to stay safe when participating in any Water Sports.
We'd all love a well-toned body, but what are the best toning methods? At home, in the gym, with equipment or just exercise - we cover it all.
Style & Fashion...
Thinking about a spa treatment, minor cosmetic surgery, a body piercing or tattoo? We advise on your rights and the safety of these treatments.
It's becoming quite the norm to have cosmetic surgery, but finding impartial advice is not so easy. Here you'll find information on the risks of surgery, methods used and potential results of cosmetic surgery.
An advice packed site to help you decide what or how to measure and how to tell whether you have exactly the right fit.
If you're struggling for ideas on what to say or how to sound witty, heartfelt, efficient, persuasive or appreciative in your speech, you'll find the information here together with a great template for any speech.
All the expert hair advice you'll need - whether you're curling, dyeing, straightening, cutting or blow-drying.
Do you have unsightly body hair? So many of us do. We show you the best ways to remove it and keep it at bay.
From diet to exercise to make-up, from skin to hair, we give you all the advice you need for the body beautiful.
Looking for that perfect little something for someone but don't know what to buy? We'll help you buy the right item.
Everyone likes to be stylish. We can give you the tips you need to look good and act properly in every situation.
This site is packed with examples to say thank you in a sincere and appropriate manner. It includes letters for work, business, events, friends, neighbours, health and bereavement situations.
Sustainability: Design...
Comprehensive advice on creating and maintaining an energy efficient, carbon neutral office - including design, supplies, work methods and policy making.
A site packed with impartial information and advice on sustainable development, sustainable building and using eco friendly construction techniques.
Not all flooring choices have a negative impact on the environment. We offer lots of advice on the sustainable flooring options open to you.
Sustainability: Lifestyle...
If you're looking for help reducing your carbon footprint or living a carbon neutral life, you'll find lots of answers on this site.
Packed with tips for you and your children. We show how everyone can play a part in helping to protect the environment.
This site provides a reference point for those tourists who are concerned for the environment and local communities offering extensive advice.
Here you'll find great information on the ways you can save energy as a community, including alternative energy sources, energy sharing and renewable energy.
We all want to save money on energy costs and have a greener lifestyle. We offer the tips to help you achieve just that.
If you're worried about your impact on the environment or simply want to be self sufficient, let this information help you.
Ever thought of making baby clothes from your torn garments? Starting seedlings in toilet roll tubes? Check out our great green uses for waste.
Comprehensive information on ozone, what it is and the steps we can take to prevent ozone depletion and protect the ozone layer.
Whether it's noise pollution from a busy road, neighbours or music; chemical pollution from products & factories or waste pollution from everyday life - we explain it and offer some solutions
This site reveals the practical steps you can take as an employer or a consumer to help slow down the effect of climate change.
Looking to use recycling to cut down on your waste? When we show you how much it's possible to recycle you'll be amazed!
We've all become more aware of the environment. We show you how to make a green difference in your everyday life.
Email, mobile phones, computer games, social networking... all influence the way we behave. We discuss the safety of technology and the Internet and how we can minimise the negative impact.
Whatever level you are at we show you the best ways to stage, take, display, manipulate and store your photographs.
This site is packed with useful information and advice on family computing including: technology basics, kids & safety, fun activities, shopping & social computer use and protecting your computer.
This site explores home videos; what to film, how to shoot and edit your videos, plus many tips on how to make the most of those memorable moments.
Comprehensive advice on children and computer usage including: internet safety; health issues associated with computer use; family computing activities; computing skills and new technology information.
Advice on the use and safety of mobile phones. Here you'll find interesting articles that give you an informed and balanced view of the benefits, pitfalls and tips on using a mobile phone.
Technology can confuse even the most technically minded among us, but this site explains how to become an expert.
Good use of technology in your small business can help management, marketing and productivity. We offer guidance on choosing and using the right technology.
Teenagers & Students...
Student years are not always easy. We guide you through the pitfalls of student life, from accommodation to exams.
Feeding yourself as a student couldn't be simpler with our tips on preparing, cooking, eating, storing and shopping for food.
It's hard to be a teen. We give you advice to help guide you through the perils and issues that plague teens.
Workplace: Safety...
There are so many hazards in the workplace, from accidents to bullying. We help you stay safe and secure at work.
If you're concerned about hazards and potential accidents in the workplace, then check out this site for all the information you'll need to stay safe.
Workplace: Workers' Rights...
There are numerous employee benefits schemes including pensions, salary sacrifice, healthcare, childcare, flexible working. Whether you're an employee or employer you'll find comprehensive information here.
This site explains the role of equal opportunities in everyday life, details your rights and examines the impact of discrimination on people, policy and society.
Extensive information for working mums including advice on: finances; childcare vouchers; tax credits; childcare fees; budgeting; creating routines; keeping relationships alive and having happy children.
If you're planning on working or running a business from home then check out our information on the finances, legalities and practicalities of having a career at home.
Extensive information on privacy rights at work, including telephone calls, emails, personal relationships, drug and alcohol use, job applications and more...
Extensive information on redundancy whether you're an employee or employer. This site includes advice on finances, legalities, emotions and getting started again.
Impartial advice on your rights at work, with tips on how to keep healthy, cope with colleague relationships and manage stress in the workplace.
If you're unhappy with your treatment at work or feel a colleague's work is unsatisfactory, you'll find great information on how to approach it here.